African animals in trompe l’oeil, by Nick Brandt – Coming out Grand Paris

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Nick Brandt, world famous for his animal portraits, delivers with this series a new plea for the preservation of big wild animals. In East African cities, in the midst of landfills and sites that encroach on the territory of lions, gorillas and rhinos, Nick Brandt has placed large-scale photographs. Here, under a highway of Nairobi, where the homeless shelter, one finds, on the right, adolescents who sniff glue … Nobody was interested in this amazing work during its installation, confessed the photographer. They are a decor and simply entertain the toddlers.

“Inherit the dust”, Nick Brandt. Until July 30th. Monday to Friday from 10h to 13h, from 15h to 19h, Saturday from 12h to 19h. A. Galerie, 4, rue Léonce-Reynaud, 16th, free admission.