Mad Women: Is there gender discrimination in the office industry?

Foreign Female Office Director: “There is a gender issue in the Danish bureau.” Bureaubiz today presents two new studies pointing in the same direction. Industry Organization believes that earmarked childbirth rules will make a difference. One would think that the office industry is a bliss for creative women. The industry does not belong to the […]


Plateanmedelse: The honeybar – “Up the new white”

It takes Honningbarna 15 effective minutes to convince anyone that ponces still have something to do. Or really just take a few minutes. Because it’s in the first songs on this first of two scheduled mini albums this year that the band really kicked off. The title track “Up the New Blank” opens the riot […]


A South Africa in Growth Pain

Kopano Matlawas newest novel Mens pain is a short but fierce novel about young women in South Africa’s post-apartheid period. But I knew I had to be on duty. The beast had just fallen asleep and could wake up every moment. Menstrual pain   is a wounded prayer to God, an honest diary and a […]