Plateanmedelse: The honeybar – “Up the new white”

It takes Honningbarna 15 effective minutes to convince anyone that ponces still have something to do. Or really just take a few minutes. Because it’s in the first songs on this first of two scheduled mini albums this year that the band really kicked off.

The title track “Up the New Blank” opens the riot party. South Africans are angry, very angry. Vokalist Edvard Valberg snows and spits out words at a hesitant pace that only emphasizes the political necessity of the message. It’s urgent to be told. And the honey kids take it seriously.

But, of course, it is not too much boring seriousness to trace in either the opening or subsequent “Prince of Sarajevo” and “We’re Klinker”. Good political punishment can – and maybe must – make it enough for it to be all sorts of things. At least with the refrain. It can be one here.

What has meant that they have included the middle track “Honey is your friend” is not good to say. It not only breaks the message with the rest, it lacks the insistence of the others. Perhaps they had fun playing the pennies, and maybe it would work better live like a skier break. However, it does not explain why it is included on a disc with only seven short tracks.

However, it is, and fortunately, quickly forgotten when the album’s best; «IcarusHykler» takes over. In this they show that they can more than punch the punch, they can make it almost pop-melodically interesting.

Honey bears’ previous releases have been good, although they have not fully lived up to their live performances. “Up the New White” is closer to what one expects from them on stage. In short, the album promises not only good what you can expect before the tour starts. It is also a good piece of festive punching.