Working in the financial sector is often not easy, but gives a great deal of satisfaction every day. It is thanks to our work, in fact, that we are fortunate to help our neighbors not only in times of difficulty, but also in the less complicated situations that require a small push towards the best of resolutions. After a day at the office, we always think of those who have crossed the threshold a little ‘down the line and left it with a smile. For this reason, when we say that those who turn to us are never just a customer, we neither lie nor exaggerate: each of them brings with it a different story, touching in the same way.

Like Tommaso, thirty-two of Laconi, who moved to Cagliari years ago to undertake his studies in the Faculty of Engineering. Tommaso is a dynamic, sporty boy with two great passions: computer science and volunteering. Compatibly with his studies he has always tried to carve out some free time and collaborate with an NGO that, among other things, deals with increasing the level of schooling in some African countries by implementing digitization. Another of Tommaso’s strongest bonds is that with his family, especially with his grandparents. Since he left his native country it is increasingly difficult to visit them with diligence, but during the usual and endless weekly phone call with his grandfather Efisio, all the memories of a happy and carefree childhood resurface.

Tommaso’s grandfather, a former retired Telecom employee, is still a great source of inspiration today. An imposing figure, that of Efisio, but capable of transmitting numerous values.

Now the summers of Tommaso are very different from those spent in the small campsite of Tortolì with the family. The games on the beach were replaced by volunteer afternoons in the NGO, the cool evenings spent in the pine forest to build small rudimentary circuits with grandfather Efisio gave way to the unsuccessful search for a stable and consistent employment with his aspirations. A degree with honors, small work experience completed after a few months due to lack of resources, a part-time job in a cafeteria that barely suffices to cover the costs of rent and utilities.

Change begins when we decide to change

Now this is the daily life of Thomas, who for some time has in mind a grandiose project that would finally give space and prominence to his skills: start a small company that deals with the construction of web portals that facilitate the digitization of education in African schools. An ambitious, enthusiastic and altruistic project, as the boy defines him when he describes his friends and relatives. Pragmatic and thoughtful as grandfather Efisio, Tommaso knows that often ambitions have to deal with reality, but he does not lose heart and decides to face the situation with tenacity, starting to look for a little financial help in some credit institutions of the city.

Despite the commitment, the research does not have the desired effects: the banks refuse the requests of the young, guilty of not having a demonstrable income or a solid credit history. The voice is not slow to get to the ears of his grandfather, who would do anything to help the only nephew succeeded in the dream of a degree that he could never get.

Thus, Efisio offers to act as guarantor for Thomas and together they decide to go to the bank, which once again does not accept the request of the young. Unfortunately, Efisio is not suitable to hold the position of guarantor because it has just passed 70 years and in these cases access to conventional credit is often denied.

Again, the two are forced to separate and return to the daily routine with a bitter taste. But good blood does not lie: while Tommaso finishes his turn in the cafeteria, grandfather Efisio treasures the small computer tricks that his nephew has taught him and navigating comfortably from his living room, finds in the services offered by LeaseCredi the ideal solution.

We are available to find the right solution

After asking for an online estimate, he decides to book a consultation at our office to see if actually the assignment of the fifth of the pension can be the right way to realize the dream of Thomas. The following morning, the boy receives a big surprise: grandfather Efisio at the bar counter who, together with the request for a classic croissant and cappuccino, informs him that, in complete autonomy, he has lavished on him. Now it’s time again to show how valid is the dream of Thomas: project and documents in hand, the two reach us in our offices to receive tailored advice and tell us about this wonderful adventure. Finally, the aspirations of the young begin to take shape. After only ten days, the procedures for starting the loan are completed and Tommaso obtains the sum necessary to start the small company that, we are sure, will do good to many.

Your satisfaction is ours too

These are the moments that repay all the sacrifices of our work. Helping those discouraged, giving back a smile to a young man full of desire to do, see the eyes of a grandfather shine with pride. These stories encourage us to improve ourselves and offer an increasingly attentive and efficient service, because behind each of these stories there is an extraordinary circuit of dreams and emotions.